Team members

Header photo: © Dan Ingram

Cédric Thibaut Kamogne Tagne

Researcher at CIFOR

Cédric Thibaut Kamogne Tagne. I am working on the Interventions Database, investigating the different types of interventions that have and are being used in Cameroon to manage wild meat use, their effectiveness, and the lessons learned from these interventions.

I remember, as a child I already had a strong affection for nature in general, and animal biodiversity in particular. It is therefore quite natural that I later invested myself in trainings relating to Environmental Sciences, especially at the Higher Institute of Environmental Sciences (HIES) in Cameroon, where I nurtured my attraction for conservation and obtained my Master degree. Since then, aware of the need to jointly address social/human considerations and the safeguard of biodiversity, I strive to be a relevant actor in the field of Social Science Conservation, whether in the context of the different functions that I have held until my current position as a researcher at CIFOR, or through the creation of my NGO entitled Collective Action for the Safety of our Environment.