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Relevant publications have been identified and included by the WILDMEAT team, using monthly web searches and also by reaching out to researchers and practitioners to bring our attention to new relevant publications. We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible. We welcome suggestions for additions to the WILDMEAT Library – please send the publication title, author and a link to the publication to: info@wildmeat.org.

We are currently developing the online WILDMEAT library, with over 1,200 peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book chapters, technical papers, reports, and conference proceedings currently compiled! Citations include direct DOI-based links to the articles on the original journal or publisher’s website; access will depend on your/your institution’s journal subscriptions. Where the citation refers to an open-access publication, and where available, the citation will also include a web link to the publication. The library will be made available very soon – watch this space!

Featured Publications

Each month we will feature a few publications that we have enjoyed – we hope you will enjoy them too!