Join the WILDMEAT Team! New consultancy to analyse wild meat consumption data across C Africa. Deadline 23rd October.

19 October 2021

Photo by Francois Sandrin/CIFOR

The WILDMEAT project, in collaboration with EU-SWM and the UKRI TRADE Hub, has been collating site-level wild meat consumption data from available studies in a standardized format, and has available data for over 100 sites across Central Africa. A unique time-series dataset is also available at a national level for Gabon because of long-term partnerships between the Institute for Tropical Ecology Research, the University of Stirling and EU-SWM. These national and regional-level datasets will form the basis for this project, which will model the levels of wild meat consumption regionally across Central Africa and the correlates of this consumption, as well as investigate changes in consumption over time at a national scale in Gabon. The project aims to significantly increase our understanding of the consumption of wild meat across communities in Central Africa, both for rural and urban consumers, creating the first regional estimate of consumption rates and investigating the key correlates of these rates. In addition, the project will investigate how consumption patterns are changing over time, and how this may influence the sustainability of wild meat use, using Gabon as a national case study. These results will be used to inform national and international policies on wild meat; for example, directly reporting results to government partners in Gabon.

We are advertising a 1-year consultancy to conduct and publish these analyses.