University of Kent advertises new PhD in Hunting, Consumption and Trade of Animals in the Tropics. 30th November 2022 deadline!

11 November 2022

One of our WILDMEAT team, Dr Daniel Ingram, is setting up a new research group on wild meat at the University of Kent. This is an exciting opportunity to join his group as a PhD student. Focussing on West and Central Africa (Cameroon and/or Guinea), the candidate will design studies and employ advanced statistical methods to tackle key questions surrounding 1) identifying the factors that shape wildlife use in urban areas, 2) identifying rigorous methods to monitor wildlife use, and 3) investigate the health implications of wildlife use. The candidate will work broadly on all species used for wild meat but will also address specific questions on African pangolins.

The deadline for applications is the 30th November 2022. More information, and application details, can be found at: