Wildmeat Indicators Workshop in Oxford

11 May 2022

In May 2022 the WILDMEAT team with TRAFFIC and The University of Oxford held a multidisciplinary two-day workshop on wild meat indicators at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. The aim of this workshop was to create a suite of wild meat indicators and associated tools for use at the local, national, and international level, to:

  • Measure the effectiveness of interventions aiming to sustainably manage wild meat use
  • Track wild meat hunting, consumption, and sales at a national level, to increase the visibility of wild meat use and track the impacts of national wild meat policies.
  • Measure progress towards the delivery of Targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework pertaining to wild meat, and provide avenues to generate lessons learnt and inputs to the development of the draft headline indicator for Target 5 of GBF (covering all wild species) 

The workshop was held over 2 days, from May 10– 11th, at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, attended by 27 participants. While the available budget for the workshop meant that there was a limit to the number of participants that could be supported to travel internationally to the workshop, participants from the UK, France, Sweden, Cameroon, Malawi, the US and Brazil attended the meeting.

The workshop was envisaged to provide a ‘first step’ in discussing the indicators needs of different stakeholders at different scales, and to be followed by follow-up workshops regionally (for example, a follow-up is now being organised in Libreville, Gabon). 

One of the first outputs of the workshop has been the WILDMEAT Ecological Indicators Toolkit, now available through the WILDMEAT website (https://www.wildmeat.org/toolkit/indicators/).